Employer's Agent

We act as Employer’s Agent or Client Representative on projects procured via: the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU); traditional, negotiated and Section 106 processes; and ‘package deals’.

Specific services include:

  • Liaison with the Professional Team and advice for the client on all relevant issues, from inception to completion.
  • Preparation and monitoring of a project risk register and procurement programme. 
  • Establishment of a Quality Management structure and procedure.
  • Preparation of Employer’s Requirement, specifications or other documents detailing the client’s needs.
  • Review of, and advice on, Development Agreements and other legal documents.
  • Tender procurement, price negotiation and contract agreement.
  • Convening and chairing of site and other meetings to facilitate progress of the works.
  • Contract administration to monitor and maintain progress, quality and financial control.
  • Securing all necessary approvals, certification and other relevant documentation.
  • Site inspection (including handover inspection).


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